Despite that snow storm last week, I believe that warm weather is coming. Or rather, I am convincing myself of this fact. I biked home with no gloves on tonight, and willed my hands not to be cold. However, the warm light shifting across my studio floor was rather convincing, as I spent the afternoon silk-screening. Happily basking in it's faux summer glory with bare arms and an equally warm themed playlist swimming from my speakers.

I always forget how much I love to silk-screen. There is something undeniably satisfying in the ritual of it. The steady pressure. The repetition. The way you peel fabric off a wet screen like sun burnt skin. The ink staining your finger tips and forearms. Its precise and yet wily nature.

Today's project was a series of wedding invitations I designed & printed on vintage handkerchiefs. I thought them especially pretty strung across the room drying. Dozens blanketing the mantle, tables and floor. Like snow. My preferred alternative to the grey mounds clinging curbside outdoors.