stand still.

Spent an afternoon on the beach by the worthington pier. Bundled in sweaters, casting long shadows across the sand. It always feels late in the day here, what with sunlight shifting horizontal along the ground. We watched the rising tide, with sneakers dug into beach and talked about regrets. I aim to regret little. If anything i concede to reconsider.

I have determined that I like to watch the water crash into shore. There is something enternally familiar about it, regardless of where you find yourself in the world. I am instantly grounded. I felt the same in Watamu, despite the difference in temperature and colour of sand. Miles of white vs. fields of weather beaten pebbles. I am home.

I think I am going to live in Brighton.

London has yet to win me over. It is like a friend of a friend that i know i should get along with, but don't. Someone I share much in common with, but cannot seem to make small talk. A city I need to gain approval from. Yet a city that also needs to win my affection. And I don't think either of us are up for it.

We are at a stand still, London and I.

(Also, the fact the metro costs 4£ each ride, doesn't help things. Oh, how i miss the TTC).

So, while I make up my mind, I get to run about the english countryside with Rosalie.

(i guess i lied about the no more pictures. go friends with digital cameras!)