After screening around the world with the Bicycle Film Festivals 2011 Urban Shorts program, we finally released the art short I directed, shot & cut with Kirsten White, into the clutches of the internet. FABRIC BIKE was truly a labour of love, and watching it now, even a year and a half after shooting, I am thrown right back into those delirious late nights in the studio - and still I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. In fact we're working on something new right now. Heads up.

Otherwise, since I've been experimenting with film making lately - I'd love to document more of my illustrations in a similar way to the painted leather seat cover I did in FABRIC BIKE. Gotta get on that. But for now.... enjoy.



Check out the latest edit I shot & cut for HELLTRACK V. Good times & great pals, even during torrential down pours.



Vinyl cutters are officially my new favourite thing ...as is decorating the YNOT studio. And look! It even matches all the new packaging design I've been up to lately!

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Check out the promo video & poster I put together for HELLTRACK V coming to Toronto June 2nd. It's shaping up to be some good fun! Multi-level track loop! Tricks! Skid Punt! Foot down!



Although I do my best to avoid most big fights, (despite being a surprisingly good, albeit often reluctant mediator)... this is one such tussle I'll embrace with open arms - hence I've happily been working on some images for Victoria BC based band, Big Fight. I'll be sure to post more once they're all ready to go!



So it's been a while.... but I swear it's not you. It's me. The last number of months have been a whirlwind of so many ridiculous things and adventures. Everything from driving Hwy 1 in a 1981 camper van, to holing up in Brooklyn for a while with my favourite bike gang, to moving back to an amazing apartment in Toronto just in time to see winter not happen.

And all the while working on a variety of things I just haven't been posting. So hopefully over the next bit I can begin to remedy that. Starting today!

Above is the logo I did for the Bleached Blondes - if you want to know what these ridiculous vixens are actually all about, then you should probably watch the video below. Babely & talented... my favourite combination.