I did the above for Vancouver-based Momentum Magazine. A great publication "for people who ride bikes" - they just get right to the point... and hopefully so did this graphic for their BikeStyle page!



My foray into the world of graphic novels. In this case, just a proposal for someone else. But I have my own exciting things on the horizon. Just you wait...(!)

This page in particular was really fun to work on. I'm the youngest in a family of all girls, so needless to say I had hoards of visual memories to draw upon for those photos - some better left forgotten. My middle sister returned to Toronto for a visit just last week, and it's always so hard to see her go back home. As contrived as it may sound, I love that I'm as close with my siblings as I am. Oddly enough, talented photographer & my wonderful friend Rosalie Villanueva, blogged about something similar just the other day. Yay sisters!