5 hours till take off.

so this is quick, because at this moment i want to be having tea with my mom & sister. Playing with my nephew (who will be so much bigger by the time i return - which breaks my heart a little). Not staring into a computar sceen. Which would be a terrible last memory of being here in Canada.

5 hours till take-off.
which still feels entirely surreal.

i'm not sure if i feel ready. And because i cannot control what i am walking into, perhaps i overcompensate in preparation. My suitcases are filled to the brim with sunscreen, sketchbooks and everything in between.

I have been packing my days as full as I can. Perhaps I have convinced myself that these condensed set of memories will sustain in me in the weeks and months to come, when I feel so very far away and miss my friends and family so.

well i have too much to do still. see you on the other side.



Christine said...

Oh my in flight one. I love you. Onward and upward beautiful girl.

Rosalie said...

i miss you terribly already. not even kidding. hope you had a safe flight. you might not recognize me in amsterdam as i will be bald from all the ripping out of hair. ha!