i'm not as technologically inept as i initially thought!

well i finally figured out how to post some photos! lucky you! it has taken me any hours with a bad connection, over many days.

me & a four seater bike in amsterdam.

catching my flight in nairobi!

the "road" by our house (after it was fixed with large rocks)

kathryn and our first pineapple! This is ourside our house and our dog bogie is in the background. we love him.


residents of kigali have been complaining that everyones getting malaria, so they are spraying everyone's house. Therefore, in our second week, we had less less than 24 hours notice to gut our entire house so that it could be sprayed by this man with poison. yay!

We met this woman in Kibuye. She is part of the Friends Peace House Femme En dialogue program, bring together Hutu & Tutsi women after the genocide for community building projects. and this is kibuye.... i'm getting kicked out of the internet cafe. more later!

i love rwanda.


Dad said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures. Great to see that you and Katherine are well and taking advantage of the travel/exciting opportunities that present themselves.
Love the moto taxi-mode of travel. You look great in a helmut!!! The country side is beautiful yet beneath that beauty----- anyway enjoy those pineapple freshfruit sunny days.The pictures help bring reality to the text you write so well. Love to see more.

Talk to you soon.

Rosalie said...

laura, my heart actually doubled in size at the sight of your beautiful photographs! im so glad you are sharing all of this with the wonderous thing we call interwebbbb.

i am a bad friend and need to reciprocate with updates and photos as well (though im sure they wont nearly be as exciting.)


Allison said...

oh my Laura! I have read all your posts and am A) So pumped for you B) incredibly jealous :) because it looks and sounds beyond amazing and C) happy that all is well!

Laura your writing is wonderful to read and keep up to date with some of what is going on with you - it really is unbelievable!

I'm intrigued by many of the things you talk about....such a different world.

Love and love

Anonymous said...

I miss you Laura!!!! The deadly nightshades are not the same without you!!!!! You are so amazing, and oddly don't look out of place at all in Rwanda... For some reason I imagined you in neon sneakers drawing water from a well...
Pics are so beautiful, post more soon!!!

trev said...

picture me sharing a drink beside kathryn...what a beautiful view! i'm so jealous!