So, I've never owned a digital camera. For years now, me and my trusty k1000 have been attached at the hip... or should i say neck.

There's just something about shooting film. The limits of 24 frames and low lighting. The unexpected exposures, and awkward photos that go un-deleted.

However, when it comes to quickly documenting art, this creates a problem. Pieces that don't fit on the screen of a scanner, leave me to desperate measures:

web cam.
(shameful. i know.)

Web cam is a the equivelent of a budget cell phone camera. And, at least on my part leads to occasional mishaps. Tonight's mishap = myself adjusting lighting sources, to capture a new painting, and clumsily knocking my keyboard.

Yet, the eerie part, is how reminiscent I find this image to a series of windy sketches I did on a windy day, the other week. Bizarre. (do you know what's also bizarre? The fact that my nostrils are so wildly crooked. who knew? thanks accidental webcam!)

here are some favourites, from all that sketching.


rzy said...

what a happy mishap!

may i remind you of a time when we used my scanner for similar type imaging involving our scrunched faces and viewmasters?

if only i could find those and upload... but it's the thought that counts.

Snow White said...

Can we trade a photo for a sketch or a copy of one. they are so beautiful!