I think one of the best and worst feelings in the world is waking up in an overheated tent. Warm muted light and twisted sleeping bags. Air you swim through, rolling towards an exit. Camping is a must this year, hopefully, even before the month is out.

Although, I must admit I feel cheated by the weather lately. So ready for summer, and yet it is being rather withholding. Docks and lakes and bicycles in sundresses. Car trips with the windows down, oversized sunglasses and my feet on the dash. Instead, I am left with a mediocre spring. Boring.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on my reading (villain-off…it’s a toss up), fleshing out my selection of summer tunes ( angry acordians = true love) & drawing lots for work. Unfortunately this means not a whole lot of drawing for myself. But I am getting to establish an illustration style for existing products. It’s bizarre, creating a hybrid aesthetic. Finding consistency without losing a sense of self.

Anyhow, since I’m feeling guilty, I thought I’d post another (perhaps my favourite) from my latest series. All five inhabited the lovely Mercury Espresso Bar on queen east for the last month, and I must say between this and my show in parkdale, the response has been lovely. Thanks all.

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rzy said...

this piece rivals the girl with the smoking gun (the one in my living room!) as my favourite. oh wait and there is also that sassy queen of hearts piece you did ;)

no but really.

this one. moving. beautiful. just like you, dear.

so much love. this is the most 'you' of all your work i think.