No more mosquitos. Just smog.

Back in Toronto. Not New York or the north any more. And while it's so nice to be home, both of the above, although entirely different, were unbelievable.

My exhibit in Tribeca was fantastic. So many people came out, it was eventually broken up by the NYPD. This shot is of only part of the crowds that swarmed Dash Gallery, and it doesn't even do them justice.

I met lots of great people & saw some amazing art. So, thanks BFF for an amazing festival as always, and to all my friends from Toronto, Vancouver & Brooklyn - who made the trek to show some support! It's pretty crazy to feel that loved.

To see what I was showing in NYC go HERE! And if you look around my website, you'll find some other stuff I've been working on lately too!

So far this year is shaping up to be really great! Feeling pretty stupidly happy these days. Thanks summer! Time to build a bike, go to the island and write some letters.

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sarah said...

Look how pretty your art is. :)