My foray into the world of graphic novels. In this case, just a proposal for someone else. But I have my own exciting things on the horizon. Just you wait...(!)

This page in particular was really fun to work on. I'm the youngest in a family of all girls, so needless to say I had hoards of visual memories to draw upon for those photos - some better left forgotten. My middle sister returned to Toronto for a visit just last week, and it's always so hard to see her go back home. As contrived as it may sound, I love that I'm as close with my siblings as I am. Oddly enough, talented photographer & my wonderful friend Rosalie Villanueva, blogged about something similar just the other day. Yay sisters!


kathryn said...
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kathryn said...


rzy said...

yay! i can't wait to see more of what you've been working on :)

also... hurray indeed for sisters in threes! mensingas! villanuevas! brontes! haha

sarah said...

This is awesome. Ooo glasses though, and sideways ponytails. Some things are best left forgotten.

I love Rosalie's post too.

And it was (and always is) hard to leave. :)

Melissa Evans said...

Love the girls under the Christmas tree, such the quintessential family photo that most of us have..well except for those who don't celebrate Christmas of course. Looking forward to seeing more!