Two variations of an album cover I designed & illustrated for singer/songwriter Sarah Barry.

I had to laugh when I was given the album title though. Solely, because it reminds me of this song my sisters and I preformed at our aunt's wedding when i was ten. The song began with a prerecorded and overly dramatic swell of synthesizers, and us each saying "i love you" in a different language. During rehersals in our living room, my dad had thought it a grand ides to replace one of the other language options with Dutch, given our background. Good idea? Bad idea. I can tell you with all certainty that "Ik houd van u" from a ten year old in no way sounds graceful, or properly translated. (My pronunciation for anything other that english, is still horrific).

Thankfully this wonderful album, does not feature said track - or my accompanying ten year-old vocals.


Catalin said...

Hey, it also writes in Romanian:D

sarah said...

YES! That is exactly was I was thinking of as I opened this post. Best Mensinga-Trio song ever! Sarah Barry should consider doing a cover.

Lovely work as always, you. :)

Mom said...

Awwwww c'mon. You all were so cute and you did a lovely job. I just had to post this!!!