Aside from art, my next creative love is definitely sewing - which has manifested itself, for the time being, in making one-of-a-kind bicycle seat covers! What's not to love? Recycled fabrics. Locally produced. Added comfort. Mad style. Doubles as a bag to keep your lights, gloves, & bike lock keys all in one place. Variety of sizing. AND customs on a request basis! Best ever, right? (I'm working on a bronze faux snakeskin neon yellow fringe one for myself as we speak).

They are already available on Etsy, AND for the next 12 days are showcased at the brand spankin' new Triangle Gallery - Artscape's latest addition to Toronto's Queen West arts district. So go check out the show (its FREE) & make your christmas shopping experience a less of a mall induced nightmare.

Also - as a total aside - apparently scanning bike seat covers, makes them look like jellyfish (my second favourite animal to fennec foxes). So I thought i'd include a quick drawing I did after visiting the Vancouver aquarium earlier this year. They're just so surreal & gorgeous & unsettling. I could watch them forever. for-ev-er.

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