One night we were going to a concert, when a friend found this on the ground outside the Biltmore in Vancouver. And I have to say, I'm all about to do lists (especially this one). Firstly, you feel an instant sense of accomplishment in writing one. And secondly, there is something unbelievably satisfying about crossing something off.

My never ending to do list is comprised of many things. One of which is to live at my family's half finished cabin for a while.

to live at the cabin for a while.


So moved out of my apartment. leaving behind barren walls and better acoustics. And instead have headed north with a duffel bag, bicycle, copious amounts of art supplies and a fully stocked ipod.

For me, art & music have always gone hand in hand. So today, instead of a drawing (as there will be many in the weeks to come), a mixtape of sorts.

1. it's a long way to the top - disco drive
2. oh, alberta - elliot brood
3. undercover martyn - two door cinema club
4. birdies singing - kelley stoltz
5. kassell - the clips
6. fight and kiss - we are wolves
7. my year in lists - los campesinos!
8. baby boomer - monsters of folk
9. the gayest of sunbeams - pink mountaintops
10. cannibal resource - dirty projectors
11. consolation prize - julie doiron
12. when i'm small - phantogram
13. you can't say - white denim
14. stay (just a little bit more) - the do
15. little bit - lykke li
16. the gardener - the tallest man on earth
17. great lakes - rae spoon
18. horny hippies - the dodos
19. tan lines - valleys
20. 100 pound eyelids - chad vangaalen
21. don't ask - grizzly bear

(...you can anticipate a considerably more bushwhackeddockrockcabinfever version in a months time. Get ready for my impending insanity).

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