She grimaced mid sit. Chewing sour patch kids methodically, playing with her necklace. We talked about bad roommates and the reason for a bike gang tattoo.

Of which there were many.

And while I agree with all of her reasoning, one idea resonated more perhaps, than the rest. Maybe because it is easily overlooked. Yet it is arguably one of my own primary motivating factors in using a bicycle.

The idea that to bike, is to interact with your city. To obtain a different vantage point. A way to be a part of something, instead of merely observing it.

So, here’s the final version for a lovely lady - and the only person I have ever ridden a tandem bicycle with…something surprisingly difficult when two very confident bikers are involved.

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naamers said...

definite grimaces, many of them. I will have to send you a photo of the healed version, i'm happy to have your lovely work with me forev. And a huge yes to the importance of bicycles as a tool to stay aware, in touch and engaged with the worlds around you.