Over the past year, I've been priveledged with requests to design some tattoos for a few close friends. I must admit it is a bit of a bizarre process. A combination of personal aesthetic, with concept, with adaptabilty. Oddly enough, I think my pattern drafting past, strangely compliments tattoo design - the ability to fit a two dimensional shape to a three dimensional form.

Contrary to public opinion I often feel that tattoo art is one of the least permanent art forms. A work with a set lifespan. There is a fluidity to a tattoo. An image that will bleed and fade. Edges that will blur and slowly alter with age. It is like art in motion. A nostalgic installation piece of sorts. An image that will embody a moment, an experience, a lifestyle that will be remembered in different ways at different times.

This sketch was part of the ideation process for my lovely friend Niamh's foot. It didn't make the final cut. But I like it anyway.


rzy said...

i really like this. im sure there is no convincing you, but i will say it anyway... YOU should get this one done ;)

splendid said...

It seems different countries, different cultures, we really can decide things in the same understanding of the difference!
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Sammi said...

what are these crazy-nonsense comments with adds attached? they amuse and confuse. p.s. update your blog more!!!

sarah said...

I love it Laura. So neat.