okay okay.

so new year. new years resolutions. I tend to be exceptionally bad at keeping said resolutions, so I'd like to keep it simple. I resolve to begin an art blog. and update it. frequently.

To start things off, here's one of my favourite pieces from 2008. It is part of a portrait series; a redesigned deck of cards I exhibited last summer and the artist statement I never included.

I am horribly unathletic.

My mom taught me how to shuffle when I was seven. The arch bridged between my thumb and forefinger, slotting mechanically into place. Suits and suicide kings. Summers of gin rummy and euchre sliding across picnic tables. This series is a collection of the girls that fill out my existence, in my only form of competition.


naamers said...

pitty that the artist statement didn't make it to the show! it adds delicious context.

~MegO! said...

You should make a DNS tarot card deck!!!

superior said...

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